A Day Is Like A Thousand Years, A Thousand Like A Day

‘A day is like a thousand years, a thousand like a day’;
The Bible says milleniums, to God, one breath away;
‘Great sea monsters’ created before man upon this earth
In God’s image, He made the man, from dust, began his birth.

God did not force obedience; God gave man choice, free will
One law, He gave, ‘do not eat one – you’ll die’ would man fulfill?
Myriads of angels praised our God from up above
One rebel angel, jealous, of God’s power, wisdom, love.

Rebellious words from Satan, false; he said ‘you will not die’
‘You’ll be like God, just eat it’; now tears, endless, man’s cries;
Inherited, this sinful state; offspring we are, from Eve
Death is the punishment for sin; freewill, man chose to leave.

In Paradise, death was born, life on this earth now changed
Immediately enacted; God’s plan was re-arranged;
First prophecy in Genesis speaks of a future nation
Emnity between 2 seeds; the ransom, man’s salvation

‘A day is like a thousand years, a thousand like a day’
Time has shown man cannot look to man, sin is his way;
Look forward to real life on earth in Paradise to come
His son gave many signs and soon God’s will, it will be done.

Jeannie Ann Clark

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27 Jun 2008 No Comment

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