A Day In A Day Out

A Day In A Day Out
Time Is Like Running Out,

To Catch What My Eyez And Heart Craves For
My Hand Reaching Yet The Distance

Keep Me More Active Then I Can Be
Heart Says I Will Get It

Mind Says, What You Desire Isnt So Easy
The Fight Between Heart And Mind

Takes It Own Strife
Everyday I Feel The Wheel Spinning

One Turn To No And The Other To Yes
My Eyes Rotate From This Wheel

And Get Stuck Where It Says No
It Makes The Heart Beats Faster And Faster

Rather The Heartbeat Feels Strained
Then My Hands Raise Up In The Sky

My Prayers Go Out To God
Little Warm Drops Come Out Of Eyes

Then I Gather Myself One More Time
Yes Running In And Running Out

The Time Is Really Running Out
Let Me Enjoy It While I Can

Who Knows What Tomorrow Holds
Strength Is Not Outside But Within Me

True Love Is Something That Always Stays
No Matter The Time Runs Out,
My Heart Will Never Runout Of The Love Within

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19 Sep 2008 No Comment 8

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