52 Many Suns

The Full Moon Poured
Pitcher After Pitcher
Of Coconut Milk
Into The Sea…
And The Sea…
Silvered It All.

(To 97 Year Old Ruth
Thomas… A Peace Educator
For 77 Years Whose Devotion
To Her Husband Caused Him
To Live 42 Years After His


As Wind Lullabies
To Lull The Bees
Home From Fragrant
Lilac Leaves
And Dusk’s Lovelight
Laves The Skies
Above Lilyleaf
Lairs Of Dragonflies
We Gather At The Lotus Pond
The Lord’s Leelas To Ponder

Centenarian Apple Tree

She Is A Centenarian Apple Tree
Yearly Producing More Fruit
She Is A Train.. Each Day
Attracting More Cars.
She Is A River Ingathering
Every Stream
As She Flows To The Sea
With Her Every Hour
She Gathers More Power.


The Vegan Birthday Candles
Of The Manysunned
Provide More Light

She Is The River
Ever Ingathering
Streams And Rivulets
As She Prepares
To Offer
To The Sea

Applesauce With Fingers

An Expensive Nursing Home
In One Of The 10 Most
Wealthy Counties In The Us
And Yet A Woman Lay There
Eating Her Applesauce
With Her Fingers..
Unable To Get Vegan Food
Unable To Get Glasses
To Read
After Her Family
Stole Her Money
And Put Her Against
Her Will In The

Pear Cores
And Crescent Moons

Perfect Spheres..
Ripe Fat Pears
And Fullblown Moons
But When They
Are Pear Cores
And Crescents
They Are Closer To

87 Year Old At Vigil In The Freezing Rain

There He Was Again Yesterday..
The 87 Year Old Man..
Standing At A Vigil For Peace
.. In The Wind Propelled 33 Degree
Rain.. Which Turned To Sleet
And Ripped Paper Signs
Into Shreds

Peacedove Wing

Time Has Painted
On Her Hair
.. A Triangular
Grey Peacedove

Entire Fire

He Feared He Must Pass On
His Empowering Baton
But When He Looked..
Lo.. It Became A Torch..
Giving To Others Its Blaze Entire
While Keeping For Him
All Its Holy Fire.

Puzzle Master

The Puzzle Solver
Has An Eye To Each Piece’s
Shape And Color..
The Yogi Has An
Eye To Neither.. And
To No External Characteristic


She Was More Likely
As A Vegetarian
Than Were Nonvegetarians
To Reach The Level
Of Nonagenarian

Master Of Arts
Master Of Hearts

As Ice Millenia Old
Can Melt And Quench
The Thirst Of Trees,
As A Book Several Thousand
Years Ago Written
Can The Spirit Ignite
As Gold Found In An
Ageless Mountain
Can Make Miracles Now

As A Candle Buried
In The Attic
Can Be Enflamed Now To Light
As A Seed From 900 Bc
Can Be Sunsparked
To Life And Yield
Famine Destroying Free Fruit
As Starlight From 900
Million Years Ago
Can Vivify This Moment
So The Bottled Lightning
Of Divine Laughter
Reaches The Hearts Of His
From Long Ago Shows

(To Tony Randall)

The Last Is First

The Rejected Fruit
Forlorn On The Tree
With The Most Juice Swells
The 100th Lamb Realizes
That God Within Him Dwells.
The Ugly Duckling
Has Become A Beautiful Swan
The Truth That
The Last Has Become First..
Shines In The Dawn.

(Elizabeth George, Hans
Christian Anderson And
Jesus Are The Sources
Of These Thoughts)


It Is True Of Cherries
Watermelon And Strawberries
… As They Get Sweeter And Better
… Each Day They Get Redder

(To Chris)


Dandelion Down Has
Become Grey Periwigs
On The Round Faces
Of Ripened Figs

(To P D James
Whose Empathic
Power And Masterful
Pen Are Even More
Impressive With
The Works She’s Published
In Her 80’s)

Granny D

They Have Smashed The Lake Of Her
Soul With Their Fists..
It Could Not Be Harmed.
They Have Shot Their Bullets
At Her Inner Sun..
Her Light Remians.
They Have Tried To
Obscure Her Shadow
.. It Is Here.
When They Have Blown
Away Her Satellite Clouds
Her Glow Was Multiplied.

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