How Does One Gratify An Unquenchable Need?
No- Not Unquenchable Because That Would Imply That Satiation Would Never Be Enough.
I Mean To Say How Does One Gratify- Quench- Satiate A Need That Cannot Physically Begin To Be Met?
Does One Die?
Does One Live In Agony For That Desire?
Like Sisyphus,
The Boulder Just Keeps Rolling Upwards Towards Infinity,
But Not Moving At All.
It Is Not That I Will Not Or That I Should Not;
I Cannot. I Cannot Find Him.
I Cannot Throw Myself Into The Previous Century, Or The One Before That.
I Hit The Wall, Again And Again And Again.
And No Matter How Bloodied Or Bruised I Become,
No Matter How Many Times I Scream His Name,
Vocal Cords Thrashed And Voice Hoarse,
No Matter How Much I Need The Need
No Matter How Much I Fight The Fight.
The Anachronism That Is I Is I Is I Is
What Do I Do?
No Response,
As Is To Be Expected When Your Lover Is Oblivious.
I Didn’t Expect Anything Different Than The Result.
My Saucy Tongue And Mordant Wit Fail Me For The First Time.
And Out At Harewood House-
Or Was It Castle Howard? –
In The Year 1889
When You Are Taking Your Weak Tea
At Precisely 3: 33
The Sponge Cake Perched On Your Parted Lips,
You’ll Think…
Is There A Being On This Earth That Loves Me More Than She?
And I’ll Scream (Though You Can’t Hear It) :

Sarah Frontiera

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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